Sean McCormack – Austin You’re My Home Real Estate. I’ve officially been in Real Estate since 2002. I graduated college with nothing more in mind of what I would do afterwards. My goal in college was to complete college. I saw graduation as a finish line and didn’t plan on what I was going to do after that. Luckily, my father was a commercial broker with new clients so I went right back to school! This time it was a real estate school and I was on my way to get my real estate license.

Once licensed, I worked with my father and his partner. I was the low man on the pole and the two made me realize that all day throughout the day. I learned a lot but the most important lesson I learned was to go back to Austin and strike it on my own.

Setting up my business in Austin was a slow process. I didn’t want to hit up my friends, who were also recent college graduates to buy a house from them because firstly, they were broke and secondly, I was a relative greenhorn in the business.

I started advertising on craigslist. It was free and not as spammy as it is nowadays. I enjoyed creating ads and marketing myself. The ads were meant to be funny and topical. I would scan the MLS and try to find the interesting/cheap/awful listings and advertise them. I always said that I worked only as a buyer’s agent and started getting people to call me up. I quickly found my niche of working with Austin newcomers who were looking for houses and not apartments. I kept in touch with a lot of these people and continued to help their real estate needs.

A friend of a friend recruited me to join his group at another agency. This time period was right around the time the book Rich Dad Poor Dad was getting popular and he was getting out of state investors looking to buy property in Austin.

Stay tuned for Part II

Contact Sean McCormack by calling 512-653-1213 or sending an email at or just check out Sean is a Realtor with years of experience and he wants to work with you. He’ll give you some money!

You should move to Austin because Austin is Awesome.

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