Stop Paying For Worthless Leads

As a real estate agent, obtaining leads is a vital foundation for success. I’ve learned that relying on friends and family can be limiting. Getting leads through your broker or website isn’t reliable. Think about it, chances are that if a potential client contacts your agency to discuss buying or selling a property and you get the lead, that customer has probably already contacted other agencies so you will still be competing for the business. What about your personal website or social media?  These are both good tools where it’s good to have a presence and that presence has to be good but, to be honest, my website is great at capturing fake email addresses from people who are uninterested in committing to anyone yet and I have never met anyone in my life who thought that starting an agent search on Facebook was the way to get going.

I’ve also tried Zillow and got next to zero actual leads. I was a Premier Agent with Zillow for around two years and I paid handsomely for some prime and subprime zip code coverage. I would regularly get phone calls from my Zillow representative, telling me that new spots or new zip codes were available. Sometimes I took them up but I started asking why no quality leads were coming to me and the answer was always to spend more money. So in two years, most calls that I got were from either buyers who had a question about a particular property and couldn’t get ahold of their agent or from other agents who thought that I was the listing agent of a property in which I wasn’t. I also got calls from companies that saw my presence on Zillow and wanted me to advertise with them, improve my SEO, etc. That was just about it. I was able to close on one property from one quality Zillow lead. It was my actual one true lead from all that time and I was happy to break even and cut ties with them.


My advice for lead generation is expanding your database. Meet new people and make new friends. Join organizations that you like and let it be known that you are a real estate agent. Your friends and family only get you so far. These are people that you might not see too often or who might only remember you as the friend who did crazy things and they would rather leave something as important as real estate to a professional.

There are a lot of moving parts when you are an independent contractor. We know that. We have to take care of current and previous clients every day. There’s lots of shifting throughout the day. Expanding your database is left to “after work”. Networking is usually left to lunches, coffees and happy hours. There’s nothing wrong with that but there is a huge, untapped segment of people that you’re networking, social media posts and emails that get filtered out do not reach. Cold calling and knocking on doors was the cornerstone of the sales industry in years past. When was the last time you picked up the phone and spent an hour or two making calls? Think about it. This shows a potential client that you are a proactive go getter. This saves their time by having to reach out to multiple agencies to go agent shopping. Cold calling is old school real estate that is proven but it is an exhausting exercise. First and foremost, you must have thick skin or develop it quickly. You must be disciplined and patient. There are going to be a lot of “no’s” and not a lot of “yes’s”. Do you have the time, discipline, patience and fortitude to do this? You can see why not many people cold call anymore. Not because it’s not effective, it’s just time consuming, deflating and defeating. Wouldn’t it be great to work with someone who can handle this difficult task for you? Someone who makes the calls and passes the leads onto you? Not your brokerage. You.

There is an answer. Dave Knight with U.S. Real Estate Lead Masters partners with you to give you high quality leads. U.S. Real Estate Lead Masters works in markets all across America and passes the leads to you by actually calling people in your area and talking to them. Dave Knight has been in and around real estate professionally for over twenty years. This company started because other companies over promised and under delivered on their lead acquisition plans. U.S. Real Estate Lead Masters continues to succeed because agents have full schedules and it is so much easier to outsource this aspect of our business.

U.S. Real Estate Lead Masters is based right here in the actual USA! That’s a plus. You are partnering with a team who has an ease of language and a familiarity with American current events and American geography. They have grown their business marketing to sellers by actually talking to people who are interested in selling. It’s so ingenious in its simplicity. You are not bound to an annual contract so don’t be afraid of a long term commitment. U.S. Real Estate Lead Masters is a “per lead” service with a minimum of 4 leads and these leads convert so they know you’ll want to continue with them! Mark Wiley of Las Vegas Dream Homes agrees. So does Jim Walker of Crye-Leike, Realtors in the Jackson/Flowood, Mississippi area. Jim has been in business for over 35 years. Mark has been in business over 2 years so if you have a couple of years as a real estate agent or over three decades of experience to grow your database or at any point in between, partnering up with a reputable company that supplies high quality leads proves to be a great idea.

Obtaining leads is tough. Obtaining quality leads is even tougher.  Ease your burden. Focus on other aspects of your business and thrive. Contact U.S. Real Estate Lead Masters or call at 888-642-4470.

Sean McCormack is a top REALTOR in Austin, Texas. Contact Sean at if you are interested in Austin real estate or if you would like your real estate business and successes showcased